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“Ninja” Experience in the suburbs of Tokyo

In the mountain village with full of nature in the suburbs of Tokyo, you will experience the discipline enhance the skills and minds. The programs are made-to-order, we can make arrangements to fit your needs.

  1. Utilizes the natural outdoor environment
  2. Feel “Mind of harmony that flows at the basis of Japanese way of thinking
  3. Programs with an emphasis the sharpening the physical and mental balances


このプランについて About this plan

“Yajin-ryu Ninjutsu(YANIN)” is focused on a Shinobi (ninja) training program that utilizes the natural outdoor environment. Useful techniques of Shinobi for the contemporary society are pursued regardless of schools(Ryuha). You can experience basic techniques of shinobi(ninja) in this program. Additionally, you may feel “Mind of harmony that flows at the basis of Japanese way of thinking.


Respect the nature as "God resided in everything", based on the traditional Japanese way of thinking they are about to go to coexist, to accept the new ideas and culture, the concept of "harmony" which has been fused.

When it comes to Ninjutsu, just fighting techniques is often noted, but there are also a lot of techniques for human's better life. In order to people and organizations to go live in independence, it is important to discipline in both techniques.

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プラン詳細 Plan detail

“Ninja” Experience in the suburbs of Tokyo

One Day Program (4 hours) : Yen34,000/per person
English speaking assistant fee is included.
On request base
Meeting place
1148 Yozawa, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo
Max. people
Maximum no. of people : 3
Min. people
Minimum no. of people : 1
One Day Program (4 hours)
Balance training
Basis of mental and physical development
Experience location
Not included
Transportation expenses and food expenses are not included.
Special equipment such as climbing rope will be charged separately.
We will lend Ninja costumes. (Size and number of costumes have a limitation. )
How to cancel
Please note that if you cancel after the deadline, you will take on the full amount of this payment.
Also, if the applicant does not reach a minimum running number of people, the event might be canceled. At that time of the deadline, Invitation Japan will contact you by e-mail or telephone.

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