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Enjoy a kimono and haregi dressing experience at a local house in Kyoto

Do more than wear a kimono, learn about the different types and the traditional rules that determine what type of kimono to be worn on what occasion.

  1. A great opportunity to learn about kimono
  2. A great chance to wear haregi kimono for both women and men
  3. Pick-up and drop-off service is available


このプランについて About this plan

Your attendant will pick you up at your hotel and take you to a local house where your instruction is awaiting you. You'll learn not only about kimono, but also about Kyoto and Japan from your knowledgeable attendant. Once you arrive at the house, you'll have a great kimono dressing experience with your kind instructor. In this plan, you'll wear haregi, a kimono for special occasions. Don't forget to take as many photos as you can while you're wearing a gorgeous haregi!


Writer Invitation-Japan editorial staff

プラン詳細 Plan detail

Haregi Kimono Dressing Experience at a Local Home in Kyoto

Adult/Child:USD163.46/person for a group of 2 or more persons Adult/Child:USD259.14/perosn if booked solo (one participant)
Meeting place
Pick up at your hotel lobby
2.5 hours

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