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Walking around Namba and Dotonbori with an English-speaking guide and feel the real vibration of Osaka

Check out the huge 'lion' at Yasaka Shrine, look for neat cooking goods and souvenirs at Doguyasuji, get a taste of the city at Kuromon Market and visit the Bunraku Museum on this fun walking tour.

  1. An English-speaking guide shows you some of the commercial districts of Osaka, Namba and Dotonbori
  2. Enjoy the great variety of Osaka local foods
  3. Experience Japanese traditional puppet theater Bunraku


このプランについて About this plan

Osaka is one of the oldest cities in Japan and still the center of Kansai area, western part of Japan. You can enjoy many things that are very different from the ones in Tokyo or any other areas of Japan. If you are visiting Osaka for the first time, why don't you take this tour and learn about this unique city from an English-speaking guide? You can get to know its culture and food more, and the rest of your trip in Osaka will become much more fun!


Writer Invitation-Japan editorial staff

プラン詳細 Plan detail

English Language Food Culture Tour of Osaka around Namba and Dotombori

Adult (12 years old & over): ¥3,500/person
Meeting place
Osaka Visitors' Information Center Namba
2.5 hours

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