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Make your own original shisa to take back home at Ryukyu Kiln

You can see sculpture of Shisa(guardian lion-dogs) everywhere in Okinawa. Create your own Schiesser and put in your own home!

  1. Completed items can make great souvenirs for yourself, family, friends, or partner
  2. A great activity on a rainy day
  3. Enjoyable for both children and adults

このプランについて About this plan

In Okinawa, you'll see shisa, a lion-dog shaped traditional Ryukyu decoration, which is believed to be a guardian, on tiled roofs and even at every single souvenir shop. At the shops, you will probably end up finding yourself struggling to decide which shisa to bring back home. So... why don't you create your own original shisa? Ryukyu Kiln offers you a variety of workshops to make your own shisa in 40 minutes to 3 hours. This can be a perfect memento of your stay in Okinawa!


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プラン詳細 Plan detail

Traditional Okinawan Shisa Lion Dog Crafting in Nago

【Fired Pottery Shisa 】 Adult/Child 2,050 yen
【Fired and Painted Shisa 】 Adult/Child 3,100 yen
【Ryukyu Clay Shisa 】 Adult/Child 3,100 yen
【Classic Ryukyu Clay Shisa 】 Adult/Child 5,150 yen
【Stucco Shisa Painting (Small) 】 Adult/Child 1,550 yen
【Traditional Stucco Shisa 】 Adult/Child 2,550 yen
Meeting place
Shisa Pottery Experience workshop Ryukyu kiln,479-5 Biimata, Nago-shi, Okinawa
40minutes – 3 hours
Experience location

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