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Traditional Ryukyu dinner course and dance/music performance in Naha

Discover the charms of the Ryukyu Kindgom with a remarkable dance and cultural performance, followed by a selection of traditional dishes created for a healthy and balanced meal.

  1. A great opportunity to try traditional Ryukyu cuisine
  2. Watch traditional and modern Ryukyu dance and listen to traditional music over dinner
  3. Enjoyable for both children and adults


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Are you looking for a unique dining experience in Naha? At Ryukyu Modern Classic Yatsutake, you will be able to experience not only traditional Ryukyu cuisine, but also traditional music and dance. For the Ryukyu Cuisine and Medicinal dinner course, you can choose from three different courses: Hikanzakura (an 11 course meal), Himefuyo (a 14 course meal), and Ougibasho (an 11 course meal). All -you-can-drink and a kids menu are available for an extra charge.


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プラン詳細 Plan detail

Traditional Okinawa Ryukyu Culinary Dinner and Ryukyu Dance Performance in Naha

【Benibuta Pork Shabushabu Course】 (Yugafu)USD51.32
【Benibuta Pork Shabushabu Course】 (Kariyushi)USD61.58
【Ryukyu Culinary Course】 (Hikanzakura)USD41.06
Meeting place
"RYUKYU MODERN CLASSIC YOTSUDAKE :3-29-70 Kumoji, Naha shi, Okinawa"
1 hour
Experience location

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