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Create your own ceramic shisa while drinking a special Okinawan beverage

Make your own guardian spirit animal to take home! Shape it from clay and decorate it with your favorite colors. Great as a souvenir and memory of your trip to Okinawa!

  1. Completed items can be a great souvenir for yourself, family, friends, or partner
  2. An Okinawan drink is included
  3. Enjoyable for both children and adults


このプランについて About this plan

You can't leave Okinawa without getting at least one shisa, a lion-dog shaped traditional Ryukyu decoration, which is believed to be a guardian in Okinawa. You can find them in every single souvenir shop, but why not make one of your own to be more special! At Atelier 43, you can make ceramic shisa while drinking Okinawan beverages and relaxing!

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Writer Invitation Japan

プラン詳細 Plan detail

Ceramic Lion Dog Shisa Making and Painting Experience

【Standard Plan】 Adult/Child (Age 5+) 2,700 yen
Meeting place
Atelier 43 Address 252, Sumuide, Nago-shi, Okinawa
2 hours
Experience location

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