Invitation Japan

Kimono dressing experience! You dress your own kimono, or learn to dress others!

You can join this plan even if you are beginners! You can walk through the old Asakusa street wearing a beautiful Kimono.

  1. Kimono dressing experience
  2. Learn to become an instructor
  3. Handy skill to have


このプランについて About this plan

There are many different photo studios who can dress you up in kimono, but this time you learn to dress yourself or others in kimono! This is a great skill to have, and your friends back home will be impressed!


Writer Invitation Japan

プラン詳細 Plan detail

Rent a kimono, and wear them, then browsing in Asakusa.

【①Kimono Dressing and Free Stroll】2,500yen
【②Kimono Instructor Training Course】Adult: 8,000 yen
Student: 5,000yen
Meeting place
Hanakawado 2-7-8, Taitoh-ku, Tokyo
①4 hours
②2 hours
Experience location

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