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Full day train and Huis Ten Bosch day pass from Fukuoka

A round-trip ticket for a limited express train from Hakata station and 1-day passport of Huis Ten Bosch are included in this train package.

  1. Enjoyable every season
  2. Totally free time in Huis Ten Bosch
  3. A family friendly activity

このプランについて About this plan

Pick up your return tickets for a limited express trains and a day passport to Japan's largest theme park, Huis Ten Bosch from Fukuoka airport JTB Global Counter before your planned date and plan your special day trip to Huis Ten Bosch from Hakata station. Huis Ten Bosch features seasonal flowers and both children and adults can have a fun day!


Writer Invitation Japan

プラン詳細 Plan detail

Huis Ten Bosch 1 Day Passport and Round Trip Express Train Tickets from Fukuoka

Adult/Child (Age 18+) 11,000 yen
Child (Age 13-17 10,000 yen
Child (Age 6-12 7,000 yen
Infant (Age 4 -5 5,000 yen
- December 27, 2016
Meeting place
Hakata Station (You need to pick up your tickets from Fukuoka Airport JTB Global Counter)
Hakata Station
full day
Experience location

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