Invitation Japan

Experience a cool ninja action practice in Tokyo!

Use some ninja tools to practice and learn how to be a Ninja. The real ninja's descendant will teach you!

  1. Get the cool actions of ninja!
  2. Guided in English ( other languages are also available upon request)
  3. Learn from the real ninja's descendant.


このプランについて About this plan

Ninja played an important role as a spy in Edo period. They used unique techniques to hide and protect themselves. In this program, you can learn ninja spirits and get some techniques such as throwing Syurikens, Blowguns and Ninja’s hand gestures called "Kujikiri'. You can learn the skills from the group of ninjas which has root in real ninja family in the past!


Writer Bonmatsu

プラン詳細 Plan detail

Ninja Spy Action

Basic fee (per group) : 8,000 yen
Fee per person: 12,000 yen/person

Total Tour Price = Basic Fee + Fee per Person x Number of Participants + Tax
Throughout the year
Meeting place
Tabata Station North Exit (JR Yamanote Line)

start: (1)10:00 (2)13:15 (3)16:00
Experience location

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