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Learn traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping skills within an hour in Kyoto!

“Furoshiki” is square shaped Japanese traditional wrapping cloth, used to wrap and carry since a very long time ago in Japan. Learn how to use it and take a "Furoshiki" home and use it!

  1. A great opportunity to learn Furoshiki Wrapping techniques
  2. A great opportunity to experience Kyo-Yuzen dyeing
  3. Perfect souvenir for yourself


このプランについて About this plan

This only an hour workshop let you to experience Japanese traditional furoshiki wrapping. You'll learn basic techniques for the wapping by the end of the workshop! If you pick 6 style course, you'll also have a chance to dye your furoshiki! You can bring back a furoshiki!


Writer Invitation-Japan editorial staff

プラン詳細 Plan detail

Half Day Traditional Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth Lesson with Souvenir in Kyoto

【Furoshiki Wrapping Lesson _12 Styles】Adult/Child:¥ 3,240/person
【Furoshiki Wrapping Lesson _6 Styles & Yuzen Dyeing Lesson】Adult/Child :¥3,240/person
Meeting place
Marumasu-Nishimuraya Craft Center:457 Tsuboya-cho, Ogawa-dori, Oike-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto,
Karasuma Oike Station
1 hour
Experience location

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