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Transform into Oiran, Geisha, Maiko, or Samurai with your partner or friend in Asakusa! (photo shoot plan for two)

When you transformed into a Oiran, you will see yourself that you haven't seen yet. Samurai course also available for men.

  1. A great opportunity to dress as Oiran/Geisha/Maiko/Samurai
  2. Professional Photo shoots
  3. You can only book for 2: Parfect for couples!


このプランについて About this plan

Have you ever wondered how you would look like in Kimono? At Studio Nanairo, you can either transform into Oiran, Geisha, Maiko, or Samurai. Make a special memory with your partner or friend! Your family and friends will be jealous at your photos by professional cameraman!


Writer Invitation-Japan editorial staff

プラン詳細 Plan detail

Half Day Stylish Oiran, Geisha or Maiko Style Dress and Photo Shoot in Asakusa

【Oiran Premium Course】 Adult.: ¥27,000/person
【Oiran Standard Course】 Adult.: ¥20,520/person
【Geisha Style】Adult.: ¥ 32,400/person
【Maiko Style】Adult : ¥32,400/person
【SamuraiStyle】Adult : ¥15,120/person
Meeting place
Studio Nanairo:Asakusa Transforming Photo Studio Address:Kaminarimon 2 cho-me, 17-8, Taitoh-ku, Tokyo
2 hours
Experience location

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