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Having a peaceful moment with special vegetarian lunch at Zenkoji Buddhist temple in Nagano

Taste special vegetarian lunch made from fresh local ingredients at Zenkoji as well as feeling the peaceful atmosphere of the temple.

  1. Experience traditional food culture of Japanese Buddhism
  2. Select your favourite lunch from several courses
  3. You can have a lunch in a fully private room


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Treat yourself having a special vegetarian lunch in a private room at Zenkoji temple! You can have Buddhist style vegetarian cuisine made from fresh local ingredients. Indulge yourself tasting this special Japanese vegetarian cuisine and experience traditional food culture of Japan in a peaceful atmosphere!


Writer Bonmatsu

プラン詳細 Plan detail

Special Vegetarian Lunch with Fresh Local Ingredients at Zenkoji in Nagano

[Shojin Ryori Kaiseki cuisine]
3,240 yen/Adult, 1,620 yen/child(0-12)

[Special Vegetarian cuisine]
6,480 yen/Adult, 1,620 yen/child(0-12)
Daily except 28 Dec - 04 Jan
Meeting place
Shinshu Zenkouji Engido Eitaishukubo Fuchinobo, Motoyoshichō-463, Nagano
approx. 1-2 hours
Experience location

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