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Experience Shabutsu tracing to draw a Buddhist figure and taste Buddhist vegetarian lunch at Nissekiji Temple in Toyama.

Have an amazing meditative practice of Shabutsu experience and taste a special vegetarian lunch to have a peacefull mind in a Buddhist atmosphere.

  1. Trace the Buddhist figure in a quiet atmosphere
  2. 12 years and over can participate this experience
  3. Enjoy tasting Buddhist Vegetarian lunch at a restaurant near the temple


このプランについて About this plan

Shabutsu tracing is a maditative practice which you can trace and draw a Buddhist figure in a peacefull mind. Visit the Nissekiji temple, the main temple of Shingon sect and immerse yourself into Shabutsu tracing! After tracing a figure, you will be guided to go to a restaurant near the temple to taste special Buddhist vegetarian lunch, Shojin Ryori.Your drawing will be prayed by the priest during Goma ceremony and put in an amulet case later on and post that to you.


Writer Bonmatsu

プラン詳細 Plan detail

Shabutsu Tracing Experience at Nissekiji Temple and Buddhist Vegetarian Food

3,000 yen/person (age 12 & over)
Meeting place
Oiwa-san Nissekiji Temple Office (Address:163, Oiwa, Kamiichi, Nakanikawagun, Toyama)
2 hours
Experience location

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