Invitation Japan


About Invitation Japan

“Invitation Japan” has opened our site on September 2014. Our site supports searching and booking of your "special experience in Japan".

  1. Search & Book your "Experience of Japan" using your smartphone during your trip
  2. The choice by the review
  3. Apply for the free monitor and experience as a reporter

1. Simple search on your smartphone ........Easily search a special experience plan throughout Japan with your smartphone.

Using a search of "area" and "genre", you can easily find an experience activity in your travel destination. It is also possible to book on the spot. (It does not correspond to all)

2. The Choice by the review......Choose from fulfilling experience reviews

No one wants to make a mistake on where to go or what to do during their trip. "Invitation Japan" has a fulfilling experience's review on each plan. You can choose your experience plan without disappointment.

3. You could be a free experience reporter......We are looking for free trial reporters of our fulfilling experience.

"Invitation Japan" is always looking for free trial reporters limited to a Invitation Japan users. We offer a free trial to make a opportunity to express the excitement of the "Happy experience". Report some unusual experience only the local people know and let's share the fun with everyone!