Invitation Japan


Experience of tea ceremony

Real tea ceremony experience in Japan!

The Tea ceremony is one of the most important traditional culture representing Japan. Not just simply enjoy a cup of tea, but also it is essential for understanding the Japanese culture.

It is very important composite art on to talk about the unique Japanese moral culture.

The limited space of the tea house, infinite possibilities have been hidden.

Invitation-Japan has various experience based plans which are easy to participate or Full-fledged. Let's challenge to valuable plans that you can only experience in Japan.

開催場所 Location

  • 1Experience of tea ceremony hosted by descendant of Sen-Rikyu at Harajyuku/Omotesando.
  • 2Spend half a day to explore stunning Zen garden and attend the tea ceremony in the historical city, Kamakura!
  • 4Experience traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto!