Invitation Japan


Kikizake (Sake tasting) time!!

Try different type of sake from all over Japan!

With the increase of the popularity of Japanese food, the popularity of Japanese sake is also in soaring! Do you know that a sake has a lot of different variation as the same as a wine?

Compared with the other alcohol, the sake has a fairly time-consuming manufacturing process.
And require very advanced brewing force.

Let's experience the tasting of sake that you can only try in Japan.

Invitation-Japan has various experience based plans which are easy to participate or Full-fledged. Let's challenge to valuable plans that you can only experience in Japan.

開催場所 Location

  • 1Sake tasting session in Kyoto for all you sake lovers!
  • 2One day tour to explore the southern part of Kyoto and experience sake tasting!
  • 3Enjoy visiting Kobe area to the fullest, including sake brewery walking tour! It's one of Japan's major port town.