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Only in Japan! Experience making plastic food samples in Nagoya! You can make tempura or beer, but you can't eat them!

Enjoy making food samples in Nagoya that look just like real food. You can fool people with the food samples you make!

  1. Plastic food sample
  2. Looks just like real food in a restaurant
  3. Great memento to take home


このプランについて About this plan

When in Nagoya, try making plastic food samples with this class! You see these food samples in showcases at restaurants in Japan. Now you can make them! Make tempura, or a glass of beer. It will be a great memento of your visit to Japan, and you can fool your friends with them!


Writer Invitation-Japan editorial staff

プラン詳細 Plan detail

Tempura Sample Making Experience in Central Nagoya

Adult/Child(7 years old & over):USD25.13
Mon- Fri
Meeting place
Location to be announced upon booking
1 hour

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