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Enjoy your Asakusa visit in a rickshaw with an English-speaking driver

Feel the atmosphere of ancient Edo as your rickshaw drivers whisks you to lesser known gems in the traditional Asakusa area. English speaking drivers available!

  1. Enjoy the special view of Asakusa town from the rickshaw seat
  2. An English-speaking driver shows you around Asakusa area
  3. Experience the origin of trishaw in South East Asia


このプランについて About this plan

Strolling around a town is the best way to get to know and enjoy the area you are visiting, however, if you are traveling with your elderly or infant family members, it is not easy to do so. But in Asakusa, you have a good option. You can take a rickshaw to go around the town. It is much slower than motor vehicles and you can enjoy the view of Asakusa town from the rickshaw seat. Kurumaya, one of rickshaw operators have English-speaking drivers. Ask them many questions and get the up-to-date local information to make your trip even more fun.


Writer Invitation-Japan editorial staff

プラン詳細 Plan detail

Rickshaw Tour of Asakusa's Best Sightseeing Spots (in English)

【Standard course】 Adult/Child(6 years & over):USD28.20/person 【Special course】Adult/Child(6 years & over):USD47.01/person
【Asakusa Expert Course】Adult/Child(6years&over):USD70.51/person
Meeting place
Kaminarimon Gate
0.5 -1.5 hours
Experience location

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