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Terms of use

Aitabi and (Operated by Invitation Japan Co., Ltd.) Terms of Use

This Terms of use (Hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) describes the rights and duties of our users (hereinafter referred to as the "guests") who reserve / purchase our original experience events related to the trip and published on Japanese site "AItabi" and English site "" (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") supported and planed by Invitation Japan Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). Additionally, we defines the rights and obligations between company, guest and guide. User of this service, including the visitors, please read full text carefully before you use our service.

Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 Application

  1. This terms of use is intended to determine the duty and right between guests, guides (including our company) and visitors who use this services, and applies to all that are related to the guests, guides, and our company who use the services.
  2. By using this service, User will be considered that they agreed to the terms of use and the privacy policies; if not, these services may not be used.
  3. The rules and regulations of the services which are published on “Aitabi” and “” site operated by our company constitutes a part of the terms of use.

The terminology used in the Terms of Use

Our company : Invitation Japan Co., Ltd.

Aitabi and : Experience based event matching service site managed by Invitation Japan Co., Ltd.

Service : General Services provided by "Aitabi" and ""

Original Plan : Original Experience Plan from guide that we support the planning.

Guests : Users who book and purchase our event by using our site "Aitabi" and "

Guides : Organizers and guides who plan the original experience events and publish on our site, and implement their own events.

Operators : Facilities and operators that host the experience events.

Service Users : Guests and guides, and operators published on our service.

Members: Guests who registered as a member of "Aitabi" or "" and licensed as an e-mail magazine reception guest.

Chapter 2 How to use the services

Article 1 Basic service

  1. Guests can view our site for booking or purchasing our services, and post a review using our services for the purpose of enjoyment, as long as the guests do not violate the terms.
  2. To qualify to use the service, guests must be 18 years of age or more, and guides must be 20 years of age or more, but those under 18 years of age may participate in programs stating that someone under 18 years old will be accepted, on condition of consent of parents or person with parental authority.
  3. The guests and Guides must prepare terminals required for service, software, all equipment, and usage environment (including the agreement with any external parties ) at own expense and responsibility.
  4. We may change the contents of services without obtaining our users approval, and we will notify the changes on our site “Aitabi” or “” or send by e-mail.

Article 2 Use liability

Service user may not do the things listed below. Service users in violation of these will be denied use of their membership registration or their use will be discontinued. If we judge that there is a possibility act of any of the following cases, we may delete all or a part of the information without notifying service users.
We are not responsible for any damage caused to the service user.

  1. Acts of violation of the Terms, laws, regulation or others
  2. Acts or possibility of acts towards our company, other users of the services, external cooperating parties or other third parties that might violate intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, other rights or profit or reputation.
  3. Act or possibility of act of criminality or act of offending public order and morals.
  4. Act of harassment of the third party regardless of method, such as a stalking.
  5. Acts of sexual solicitation, obscene contents, violent contents, or transmitting any contents which make other users feel uncomfortable.
  6. Acts of sending information by mail or link to lure the service user to antisocial products or activities.
  7. Acts of sending information to us pretending to be someone else.
  8. Acts of sending false information or information intended to cause misunderstanding.
  9. Acts of sending expressions which lead to discrimination based on race, sex, age etc..
  10. Acts of transmission of words that may encourage suicide or self-inflicted harm or that glorify or induce drug abuse.
  11. Acts of sending or writing of harmful computer programs, acts of overloading burden on the server or acts that interfere with other service users.
  12. Act of lending, transferring or reselling the password to a third party, or sharing password with third parties.
  13. Acts of solicitation to organizations, services and activities which are determined to have no relationship with the service. Acts of solicitation involving politics or religion.
  14. Acts of dealings between guide and guest based on the information listed in this service, that bypass the service.
  15. Regardless of whether for profit or nonprofit purpose, acts of providing information for the purpose of sale or exchange of products which are not listed on this service. (Except for cases where we give permission).
  16. Any commercial use such as reproduction, sale, publishing or publicizing information obtained through use of this service or any part of this service, except for the cases where we give permission)
  17. Acts to use or provide to a third party or other member’s information obtained through this service, without permission from the member.
  18. Acts that could interfere the operation of this service.
  19. All acts that we judge unsuitable for our company.

Article 3 Discontinuation of service

  1. If we judge that there is a possibility of any of the following cases, we may discontinue all or a part of the information without notifying.
    1. In the case of inspection of the computer system and regular or emergency maintenance work for this service.
    2. In the case when computer or communication line has stopped by an accident.
    3. In the case of stop of operation, due to fire, power failure, or natural disaster.
    4. In the case when external services are interrupted, stopped, disconnected from this service or have their specifications changed.
    5. In any case where we determine that it is necessary to stop or interrupt the service
  2. According to our circumstances, we may terminate the provision of the service. In this case, we will notify in advance to the service users.
  3. We are not responsible for any damage caused to the service users based on measures which our company performs based on this clause.

Article 4 Guarantee and Disclaimer of service

  1. This service is intended to provide a meeting place for operators and guides who provide the experiences, and we do not guarantee at all the experience-based events or information which the guides and operators put on our web site.
  2. We are not involved with negotiations between guests, guides and operators for anything not related to our services, and we do not take any responsibility of liability of service users’s damages, ordinary damages, incidental damages and any other damages that might occur including if our service users are damaged or suffer loss by interruption, stop, unavailability, cancellation or changing of our service.
  3. We do not take any responsibility for information on other web sites. (Includes other web sites that link from our web site or web sites that link to our web site.)
  4. If the contract with the guide has been ended, some or all of the information that the guide had posted might be removed and information which the service user posted on our Web site relating to the guide may be removed.
  5. Even if we saved a certain period of service user’s messages and other information for operational reason, it does not mean that we have a duty to save such information. We can remove this information at any time and are not responsible for any damage caused to service users.

Article 5 Contract on Insurance

  1. If the service users, including viewers break this terms of use or damage our company by using our services, users must compensate us for the damage to us.
  2. If a service user receives a complaint from other users or other third parties in the service, or a dispute has occurred between them, you must notify us immediately and process the claim and dispute. Users must report the progress and results to our company.

Article 6 Deadline and cancellation of experience-based events

For any matter not listed in these terms or where interpretation is unclear, our company and service users should resolve the problems promptly based on trust.

Chapter 3 Individual provisions for guides

Article 1 Registration of Guide

  1. Only guides who identified by our company to have a reasonable knowledge and enough experience for experience-based events and has a good service attitude and hospitality to the guests are allowed to undergo our guide registration procedure specified elsewhere.
  2. Candidates must be 20 years of age or over. Nationality and gender does not matter. In the follow case, you are not able to apply:
    1. If you cannot provide proper identification.
    2. Person who has criminal history in the past.
    3. Person who is recognized as relating or belonging to anti-social organization.
    4. Tax delinquent or other case of breach of duty.

Article 2 Covenant for guide

  1. In use of this service, Guides have to plan these experience-based events with responsibility and in good faith.
  2. Guides must ensure the accuracy and veracity of the information of contents of posted experience-based events.
  3. Guide must obtain the prior approval from facilities, shops, and service operators for experience-based events. Guides are responsible for damages such as breakage of facilities due to implementation of events and our company does not have any responsibility.

Article 3 Cancellation of registration for Guides

If a registered guide conflicts with the following matters we may cancel the registration of the guide without notification.

  1. If the registered guide performs or attempts any actions which are prohibited.
  2. When we found a false fact in the registration contents.
  3. If the guide uses or attempts to use the service for purpose or by method which could cause damage to our company, other guides, third party or outside cooperation company.
  4. If guide is in violation of external cooperating party’s Terms of use or for other reason no longer receives provision and coordination of the service from the external cooperating party.
  5. If the payment is stopped, bankruptcy proceeding, corporate reorganization procedures, rehabilitation procedures, and commencement of special liquidation proceedings, or issued by themselves or received checks from others were dishonored check, seizure, provisional seizure, compulsory execution, auction or received a delinquent taxes of taxes and dues, and starting of the procedure to be similar to these.
  6. In case of death, commencement of guardianship, commencement of curatorship or commencement of assistance.
  7. If the users do not use the service for more than one month, or if guide fails to respond to contact from our company
  8. If the company has determined that it is not appropriate to continue the registration as a guide.

In accordance with this article, if the registration of the guide has been expunged, the guide must at our direction return or discard related software and documentation for this service received from our company.

Article 4 Serviceable original experience events products by the guide.

  1. Limited original experience plan to be published on our site are planned and implemented by the guides on their own responsibility, and our company has no responsibility for the contents.
  2. Only events that meet the following requirements are allowed:
    1. Unique events for experience of Japan, using guide’s experience, vocation and knowledge.
    2. Events carried out in Japan.
    3. Basically trips meeting at the destination and breaking up there, within same day.(Except those that have been contracted with a travel agency by the guide with our consultation.)
    4. Using public transportation or taxi, with transportation expenses to be paid by guest on site.
    5. "Aitabi" and "invitation-Japan" determine as appropriate for our site "".
  3. Event fee includes consumption tax. Payment of consumption tax from total fee is guide’s responsibility.
  4. If the guide registers services as experience-based events, they must follow the provisions of our terms and conditions.

Article 5 Rejection of the posting for experience-based events

Our company may reject a posting, if the post contains a breach as below:

  1. If it is contrary to public order or morality or may have a risk of same.
  2. If the event appears not to be real or to be impossible to carry out
  3. Events organized by guides who do not have any required permission or special license.
  4. May lead to serious danger or contains elements that encourage such danger.
  5. Contents for purpose of unhealthy encounter.
  6. Contents of act of violation of law.
  7. Anything else our company determines to be inappropriate.

Article 6 Application of Deadline and cancellation for experience-based events

  1. Application deadline of experience events are basically until 13:00 2 days before of the implementation date of the event. However, as required for advance preparation, the deadline can be changed or moved foreword by agreement between the guide and our company.
  2. As a general rule, guide may not cancel events which have been posted on the site. If there is the reason such as poor health condition, the event will be canceled through our prescribed procedure.
  3. In the case of unavoidable situations such as weather condition or natural disaster, our company will consult with the guide and determine to cancel. In the case of cancellation, we respond promptly to the guest including refund processing. Basically our company takes responsibility of refund processing and the guide takes responsibility of contact to the guests.
  4. Our company dose not take any responsibility for damage to the guide by the cancellation.

Article 7 Terms of trade

  1. When the experience events have been performed and completed, our company will transfer money to the account which the guide specified. Transaction settlement fee and our company’s site usage fee will be deducted from guest settlement fee.
  2. Closing dates are 15th and the last day of the month. For events which were completed on 1-15 day of month, the settlement day is the 15th day of the next month, and for events which were completed between 16th and end of the month, the settlement day is the the end of the next month.

Chapter 4 Specific provisions related to guests

Article 1 Term of trade

  1. When the guests book a ticket and purchase the experience-based event on our site "Aitabi" and "", we considered that the guest is deemed to agree to pay the price listed on the site for the event.
  2. We are using Peatix, PassMarket(Yahoo Japan), and paypal service for tickets reservations and purchase. When the guests reserve and purchase tickets, they must agree to Peatix’, PassMarket and paypal's Terms of Use.
  3. When the guests buy tickets, they need to enter some personal information. If the required items are not input, guests cannot purchase tickets.
  4. Personal information of guests that are registered for the ticket purchase are managed by our company, and guests are considered as agree that the minimum information such as guest’s name, Tel number, e-mail address etc.. will be provided to operators and guides who manage the experience plan from our company as necessary information for the implementation of the events use.

Article 2 Cancellation

  1. In accordance with our regulations, guests can make a cancellation until the deadline of experience event reservation date. it is basically 2 days before(till 13:00) of the implementation date of the event. If the deadline date is different in the convenience of the operators and guides preparation, follow the deadline that showing on the site .
  2. Cancellations after the deadline will be charged 100%.

Article 3 Guest covenants

  1. Guests use the service at their individual responsibility, and guests may not pursue a defect liability claim to our company related to information which the guides and operators posted.
  2. Guests make a decision to join an experience-based event on individual responsibility, and take responsible action as member of society during the event.
  3. During an event, guests must obey the rules as directed by guide and must not disturb other guests.
  4. Guest may not resell an event ticket without permission. If a guest transfers a ticket to their friends, guests must provide the personal information of the transferee (event participant) to our company based on our regulations.

Article 4 Rejection of usage

Reservation and purchase of events must be done by the person who will use the service and in principle should not done by an agent. We may refuse use for the following reasons:

  1. If the guest has performed an act prohibited by Chapter2 – Article 2, or if there is a possibility that could happen.
  2. If the guest has performed an act prohibited by Chapter2 – Article 2, or if there is a possibility that could happen.
  3. If our company determines that the user has violated these terms in the past or was related to such violation
  4. If the user is under 18 years old, adult ward, person under curatorship, or person under assistance, and did not get consent of a legal representative, guardian, curator or supporting person.
  5. If we determine user is connected with anti-Social forces (Gangster organization, Gangster, Right-wing organization, anti-social forces or other matters equivalent thereto) or if we determine that user is involved with their maintenance and management through the funding of anti-social forces.
  6. If we judge that the user is not suitable for our service.

Chapter 5

Article 1 Member registration

  1. Guests who using our services and gave permission to receive e-mail newsletter as “Aitabi”members and "invitation Japan"members are hereinafter referred to as the “Member”.
  2. Guests who accept our terms and procedure to member's registration will be considered as a member after they purchase the tickets or complete the membership registration procedure on a site, using our provisions form.
  3. Member registration should be processed by the person who becomes a member Registration by corporation or agency can not be accepted.
  4. During member registration process, the member must enter the required information accurately, and cannot apply for multiple members’ registration.
  5. If the company has determined that the member is not appropriate, we may to refuse the membership registration.

Article 2 Password

Password must not be known to anyone else. Please keep and manage with your responsibility. If the entered e-mail address and password matched those that are registered by the member, it will be consider as the members themselves, even if they were stolen or used by an unauthorized person. We do not take any responsibility for damage thus incurred.

Article 3 Change of member’s information registration

If the members need to change the registered information, members themselves have to perform the procedure for the change by our company’s method. For damage caused of the change the registered information not properly done by members themselves, we do not take any responsibility. Transactions that were started before the change are based on the original registration information, even if the change has been made in the meantime.

Article 4 Withdrawal of Membership

If the member wishes to unsubscribe, member will promptly follow withdrawal procedures using our predetermined method. After the predetermined withdrawal procedure has been completed, withdrawal will be confirmed.

Chapter 6 Right and other terms

Article 1 Reversion of the right

  1. All of intellectual rights related to this service and our web site are the property of legitimate rights holders, including the Company and guides. Registration as a user of this service does not confer license for the use of intellectual property rights held by legitimate rights holders who include the Company and guides, contained in our web site and in this service.
  2. Service users may not for any reason infringe the intellectual property rights of the company or those licensed by the company. (Prohibited acts include reverse assembly, reverse compiling, and reverse engineering, but are not limited to these.)
  3. We may use and publish statistical aggregate data relating to use of the services. Service users consent that these data may be published and used.
  4. Intellectual property rights( including right of Copyright Act Article 27 and Article 28) relating to representation objects sent or posted on our website by service users of this service belong to those service users.
  5. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, company and the persons designated by the company are allowed to duplicate, publicly transmit, transfer, adapt and translate member’s works without prior notice and free of charge as long as it is a purpose for publication, public transmission, broadcasting, DVD, advertising or publicity of this service. In addition, service users may not exercise with regards to such works any moral rights against company or any person designated by the company. ”

Article 2 Transfer of this service

If the company sells this service to the third party, it is assumed that the position as the operator of the service, the rights and obligations under this convention, as well as registration information and other information for the service user may be assigned to the assignee of the business transfer. Service users shall agree that their position as service users, rights and obligations under this agreement, as well as their registration information and other information may be transferred accordingly.

Article 3 Separability

Even if any provision or part of these terms are determined to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions and other parts of the provision determined to be invalid or unenforceable, shall continue in full effect.

Article 4 Complete agreement

These terms shall constitute the entire agreement of the service users, including our company and viewers regardless of any other oral or written negotiation, promise or promise.

Article 5 Languages

Terms and all related documents will be created in Japanese for "Aitabi" and created in English for "".

Article 6 Applicable law and competent court

Enforceability, interpretation and validity of this term will be determined in accordance with the laws of Japan. Service users, including the visitors and Company will agree that any dispute related to this term will be exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

Article 7

We may change these Terms and Conditions. (including also rules and other provisions for this service posted on our web site). If we change these Terms an/or postings, we shall inform service users of the changes. After notification of the change, if the service users use the this service or do not cancel the registration within the designated by our company, it will be assumed that service users agree to the changes of the Agreement.

Supplementary Provision
Established on Aug. 2, 2014
Revised on July 4, 2015
Revised on March 11, 2016

Terms of use (2)

Review/Viewing and Free trial monitor

In this service, we will publish the image and text of the guest's comment and evaluation of the plan that guest has experienced, and we will implement a browsing service for the purpose to be able to other guests easily choose their own plan.
In addition, we are looking for a free experience reporters, in the purpose to convey the fun of the experience to a lot of people and improving a service of operators.
Guests who post a review or apply for a free experience reporter, please comply with the guidelines. If the review is in violation of the guidelines, we might ask to modify or delete by our judgment, please be understanding of this beforehand.

Guidelines for Review

Please comply with the guidelines below when the review is posted.

1. Review by the person who experienced the plan

Review should be posted by the guest who has experienced the plan and should be based on the actual experience. The guest only posts impressions based on the subjective experience.

2. The number of post and re-post

The guest can experience only one plan for a day. If the guest reviews a plurality of different experience and multiple facilities in the same destination, guest can post respectively once. However, if the post have passed more than three months from the previous post, you can re-post, even if the experience is the same plan and the same destination.

3. Sharing of timely "Good experience"

Reviews are basically intended to help the guest being considered their next reservation. Please give information of a "Good experience" which you want to share to other guests.
Also considering the possibility of change of the contents of service operators, post will be limited within the three months after the experience.
1) Fun point 2) Recommended point and so on.. please post useful information for other guests.

4. NG posts

Post corresponding to the following items, it will be considered as prohibited in principle. We might ask to modify or delete the post by our judgment. Please be understanding of this beforehand.

  1. Slanderous defamation
  2. Pointed out that only negative part of the experience plan and operators.
  3. Claim trouble report
  4. Report which not directly related to the experience
  5. Blame and criticism which identify an individual
  6. Criticism and objections to the guest who wrote the other reviews
  7. Involved discriminatory representation such as sexual, racial, religious etc...
  8. Commercial uses
  9. Use for discounts and free campaign in other than the Company's free monitor
  10. Objections or questions by the facilities and the operators for the guest posts.
  11. Contents that are illegal or violates the standards of public order and decency

5. About Languages

Please write in Japanese for Japanese site, and write in English for English site.

6. Please refrain from the post, if the guest is involving relationship or intimate interest with guide or operator directly.

7. About publishing the site

The post will be published in about one week after we confirmed it. Depending on the contents, we might ask a correction. In addition, in accordance with the guidelines, we may delete the post by our judgment.

Guidelines for the application of the free trial activities plan

In this service, we are always looking for an applicant of free trial activities plan, intended to give more opportunities to more people knowing the fun of the experience during their travel.
The application method of a free trial, available plans, and how to post a review, Please observe the following guidelines.

1. Application

Apply in accordance with a predetermined form, and register as a member. Application of the free trial activities plan for the same plan is up to one place at one time for one person. Eligibility is as a general rule 18 years of age or older. If the Free trial plan stated that it is possible to apply to minors, they can apply with the prior consent of the parents.
In addition, if more than one persons are applying for the same experience monitor, please respectively register and submit a report by each person.

2. Determination of the reservation

Send the participants' details, such as desired date etc.. In accordance with the request form of the schedule. We check the availability of the implementation with operators and reply by the e-mail. If an implementation is available, applicant will be completed at the time of the reply e-mail.

3. Cancellation Policy

If the free reporter need to cancel an experience after the booking has been confirmed, please contact us as soon as possible. If a reporter fails to attend without notice on the day, please note that we might charge a regular fee of operators.

4. Change of participation date and time

Once the event is confirmed, we do not accept change of participation date and time.
If you need to change the date and time in unavoidable circumstances, please contact us as soon as possible.
(Depending on the date and time of your choice, you may not be able to change them).

5. Imposition of Expenses

The following cases, costs will be the burden of the participants.
Event insurance fee : A few hundred yen per person (if it is incurred)
Additional option fee
Transportation costs to the event place.

6. Accidents and trouble

Please note that we do not take any responsibility of the accident or trouble that occurred during events, move to the event place or move from the event place.

7. Report for Experience

We will send the guest an email with the URL of the post form for the report within the same day or the next day after the experience. Please post from the form. As a general rule, please send more than three photos, and fill in more than 300W in Japanese or more than 100W in English for the report. Terms for posting content are subject to the Review of the guidelines.

8. Credit notation

For the purpose of justice and transparency of the review, the name of the free participator will be written to the site as the "free trial reporter". A guest who posted a report can choose a real name or nickname when the post be published on a site.

9. Deadline of the post and No post

The report should be posted within two weeks after the experience. If the post has not been posted after one week, we will send a reminder email. If the report is not posted after two weeks, please note that we might charge a regular fee of operators.

10. Questionnaire form

The guest who applies for this service, please fill in a separated questionnaire form in a report submission page. If the guest has some points which concern, or demand for improvement in our facilities and services, etc., please fill in the questionnaire form. They will be sent to our operators directly.

Established in March 11, 2016